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The PCLTool SDK V9.0 is the latest release from PageTech and is a major consolidation and migration
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26 August 2010

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PCLTool SDK V9.0 is the latest release from PageTech. It is a major consolidation and migration of source code for easier maintainability, upgradeability, faster throughput and integration into 64-bit and .Net environments.
PCLTool SDK is a collection of tools for converting complex HP PCL text, raster and vector files into bitmap formats (PCL to TIF, in-memory DIB, PCX, DCX, BMP, XPS and PNG) or into vector formats (PCL to in-memory GDI, PCL to PDF and PCL to EMF) with matching TrueType fonts for those used to create the HP PCL print file.
PCLTool SDK V9.0 New Features:
* .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET - New sets of .exe's and .dll's for the .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET platforms.
* PCL to TransPromo - New functions added to facilitate transformation of high volume PCL Bank Statements into text, raster or vector data for migration into any output management system.
* HotDirZ - New print file capture utility to watch multiple folders and launch various applications.
* PCL to JPEG - Added support to convert PCL to JPEG format.
Popular PCLTool SDK options:
*Option I is a dynamic link library (.DLL) for applications that require custom programming and seamless integration. PCLTool comes with a sample application that exercises all the functions of both the PTC32.DLL and PTV32.DLL.
*Option III is for using PCLXForm with a console script program for PCL to PDF (only) conversion with optional text extraction.
*Option IV is for using PCLXForm with a console script program for conversion of PCL to TIF, PCL to PNG and all other formats (except PDF) with optional text extraction.
*Option V is for developers who need a quick and very extensible solution for complex PCL transformation applications. Option V provides the full capabilities of our powerful .TPT script programming language to split, index, transform, streamedit, extract text, merge and sort PCL documents within a print stream.

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